Josh E.


Taylor C.

“Angus helped throw a lasso around my tornado and hone it in to dial in my goals, and create the path to achieve those goals."


Broadcast Television Editor & Entreprenuer

"If you're not content with your performance or company's performance, or experiencing what you want out of life... engage with Angus."

Sherman M.

Blue Ocean Strategist

"Angus helped me gain clarity, to understand what I'm actually trying to accomplish, and what are the steps to achieve it."

Matt W.

Founder of Media Agency

"Angus brings positivity and handles to hold on to for your life. He gave me the tools to lead my business, life, and family."

Michael King

The T.E.A.M.S. Coach

"Angus helped me to see my personal power and identity, that I can charge more for my work, and how I can chase after what I want without sacrificing my life."

Troy S.

Marketing Consultant

“An incredible addition to my life...the insights, conversations, and depth of knowledge that he has was unbelievable for my growth both personally and professionally.”

Brent P.

Actor and Producer

“He guided me into seeing myself differently and walking away from a business that wasn’t serving me in order to focus on my other business that exploded.”

Tom M.

Co-Founder, Marketing Agency

“Angus helped me get clear, develop my vision, and then make it happen!”

Brian A.

Non-profit Executive

Millionaire Barber

Chin M.

"Angus, he empowers, educated, motivates, and inspires so much."


Business Owner

Matt B.

"Angus helped me see what I already knew but was afraid to do.​"

Sales Professional

Kenneth W.

"Angus helped me understand how to better myself and live up to my fullest potential."

Business Owner

Hans N.

"Angus made it clear that putting my dream into action, fulfilled me reaching my goals."

Director of Events 

David T.

"Angus gave me guidance, honesty, and actionable strategies."


Shawn M.

"Angus helped me to connect who I am as a person with my over arching purpose.​"

Sales Professional

Jacob A.

"Angus has changed my life 180 degrees... I couldn't be happier about the changes in my life."